our History

Celebrating 48 years of business!!!!

Procopio LoDuca began his career at a small snack shop in Hammond. During the 1950’s, he bought the business, named it Pro’s Snack Shop and expanded its menu to include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On July 1, 1966, Procopio and his wife Nancy bought a small pizza restaurant in Munster and again expanded its menu. In 1976, they enlarged and remodeled Giovanni’s to its size today. He was a hands-on owner with a vast memory of his customers. He would call them by name and remember details about their children and special foods they liked. He knew how to motivate and encourage his employees to do their best work. His was one of the first restaurants in his area to serve fine wines by the glass. Other people doubted this thinking, but his innovation helped expand the business. Giovanni’s Restaurant has never coasted on reputation, but is always looking for new ideas while keeping trademark dishes for forty years.

Procopio died in September of 1994, but his family keeps the restaurant moving forward in his memory.

The Restaurant & Hospitality Association of Indiana name Procopio to their hall of fame in 1998, citing his outstanding service and contributions to the industry and their community.